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Services | Soft-Wind Systems of Boise, Idaho | Boise Software Development | Engineer, Consultant and Computer Programmer

We Are Proud To Offer The Following Services:


  • Legacy Conversions: Upgrade Legacy software to C# and .NET
  • Reverse Engineering: Convert existing hardware and software to State-of-the-Art Operating Systems and Platforms
  • We have developed a replacement for the Spectra-Cast DTMX-1000 Data Multiplexor. It now runs on a Windows-XP platform using State-of-the-Art communication equipment and software
  • Database Conversions: ACCESS-to-SQL is a specialty
  • Reengineering: Recreate your system using the most up-to-date tools and techniques

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  • Wireless Communications
  • Communication Protocols
  • RS232 and RS422
  • Error Detection and Correction
  • Sockets, COM/DCOM
  • Bluetooth
  • USB
  • Local Area Networks
  • Satellite Communication Protocols
  • Data Transport Multiplexor (DTMX)

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Web-Based Applications

  • Internet Applications
  • Web Services
  • Server Controls
  • Report Generators
  • Security: Authentication and Authorization
  • SQL-Server

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  • Embedded Systems
  • Medical Instrumentation, Heart Monitoring Systems
  • Customized Hand Held Computers
  • Wireless Remote Computers
  • Real-Time Systems
  • ATE : Automated Test Equipment
  • Windows CE
  • Device Drivers
  • Simulators

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  • Database Designs
  • Multi-Tiered Designs
  • Custom GUI (Graphical User Interfaces)
  • Custom Report Generators
  • Crystal Report Implementations
  • Web Based
  • Corporate Security: Authentication and Authorization techniques
  • ASP .NET
  • .Net Forms

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