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Resume of Mike D. Finch | Boise Software Development | Engineer, Consultant and Computer Programmer

Michael D. Finch
 1956 E. Serchio St.  Meridian, ID. 83642
(208) 283-0373 (cell) 

Software Engineer… Multi-disciplined hands-on developer with strong background in Windows, Web-Based Applications, Database,
Reverse Engineering, Communications, Documentation and Team Leadership.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • 30+ years of Software Implementation, Product Development and Software Architecture.
  • Web-Based Multi-Tiered applications with Database backend interfaces.
  • Legacy Conversions and Re-Engineering, Object Oriented Designs, MS-ACCESS conversions.
  • Software Security, Authorization and Authentication, SQA (Software Quality Assurance).
  • Embedded Systems: Real-Time, Multi-User applications, and Medical Instrumentation.
  • Strong analytical skills in assessing organizational needs and crafting applications/systems.
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills functioning as team lead/manager/mentor.
  • Technical/descriptive writing and presentation, IEEE Documentation processes, SDLC.

Areas of Expertise:

Software Languages:  C#, VB, C++, MS-SQL, Java, HTML, Visual Basic.
Software Platforms and Extensions: Windows, .NET, ASP.NET, .NET Forms, SQL- Reporting Services, Windows-CESQL, MS-ACCESS, ADO, DCOM, XML, Crystal Reports, Win32, SDK, Bluetooth, Sockets, VBA, DOS, MFC, Linux, Eclipse, ClearCase, VMware, CSLA, Dev-Express, Subversion, JIRA, LINQ.
Applications: Web-Based, Database, Multi-Tier, Web-Services, Embedded Systems, Legacy Conversion, Medical Instrumentation, Reverse-Engineering, Real-Time, Hand-Held Devices, Multi-Tasking, ATE, Communications, Wireless, GUI, Device Drivers, Data-Acquisition, Simulators, Financial/Accounting Systems, SQA, SDLC analysis.


Professional Experience:

Soft-Wind Systems (Boise, ID.) Consulting Software Engineer                                 2006-Present

Delta Dental of Idaho: Business 
Application GUI and Middle Tier development using Visual Studio 2010, .NET, Windows-7, CSLA middle-tier, SQL-Server, Stored Procedures, LINQ.
MotivePower, Inc: I guided this client through the process of evolving their Software Department into an efficient goal-driven team. I introduced the IEEE SDLC, Project Management, Software Quality, and Configuration Management processes. I also developed a suite of test capabilities, including the Portable Test Equipment, for exercising and debugging their locomotive based products. 
CSN International: I reengineered two Legacy Systems allowing the client to evolve their aging equipment into competitive State-of-the-Art products. The reengineered platforms are based on current Windows Technologies, MS-SQL, C#, .NET, ASP.NET, SQL Reporting-Services, Server Controls and custom HTML. The multi-user environments require secured Authentication and Authorization techniques. The Object-Oriented-Designs, NUnit Tests along with effective User and Maintenance documents have created an advanced level of maintainability. The legacy systems relied on Windows-98, ACCESS-97 technology and out of date hardware.

United Online (Woodland Hills, Ca.) Software Engineer                                                2005-2006

As a member of the Applications team for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) I developed multi-tiered Data Gathering and Reporting systems to provide daily reports that monitor critical “Client Usage” patterns and “Product Error” information. These systems were Web-based applications developed using the Visual Studio .NET environment coded in C# and either “ASP .NET” or “. NET Forms”.  The backend interfaces were MS_SQL or MySql Databases. Product security, authorization, authentication and scalability issues were also monitored by these systems.

Soft-Wind Systems (Agoura Hills, Ca.) Consulting Software Engineer                       2002 - 2005

  • Helped a client extend their Smart-Card Reader product line to be PC/SC compliant.
  • Created a highly interactive Golf-Handicapping Website for a local client using ASP.NET and C# with the Microsoft .NET Development Studio. The client now has a profitable cash producing Internet Application that can assist the over 15-million golfers who do not belong to established clubs and wish to calculate and track their handicap.
  • Implemented an Embedded Software solution and GUI for a hand-held device to read and control Smart ID Badges in a hospital environment. Using the Windows-CE platform this product assists hospital surgery staffs to verify proper patient ID and surgery sites.
  • Transformed a “Loan Application” system into a SQL back-end with a “. NET Forms” front-end for a Financial Institution. This system is now providing state-of-the-art Quote and Loan services to a broader clientele and improved Pipeline Marketing tools to their brokers.
  • Converted two “Legacy” database systems into a single SQL Database on a Windows Platform, saving the client over $45,000 per year in reduced human interaction and exception handling. SQL-2000 and ADO extensions were used. Custom GUIs along with Crystal Reports were employed. In addition, customized Report Generators in C++.
  • Extended a client’s software product line to the .Net platform by converting an existing Windows based C++ application to .Net using MC++ (Managed C++) techniques.
  • Assisted a client in re-engineering its proprietary Accounting package using Microsoft SQL and MS-Access Database techniques.
  • Enhanced a client’s Medical product line by developing a custom Communication Protocol and related interfaces for error-free communications in an “In-Hospital” Medical Instrumentation environment. 

Senior Software Engineer
GEC-Marconi Dynamics, MBDA Inc. (Westlake Village, Ca.)1988-1995 and 2001-2003

  • Provided enhanced communication capabilities for a product line used in an extremely noisy environment by prototyping and implementing advanced Communication Protocols between P.C. based computers and remote embedded computers. C++ and Assembly language.
  • Developed Communication Protocols that were embedded in Hand-Held computers and Test Equipment.  DLLs were then incorporated into the ATE stations.
  • Improved the throughput of the Avionics product line by introducing Error-Detection and Error-Correction techniques and custom Device Drivers into the C++ based communication system.

Software Engineer, Team Manager
Philips Medical Systems, Agilent Technologies, Zymed Medical (Oxnard, Ca.)1995-2001

  • As Team Lead of the “Advanced Algorithm Research Center” the technologies of two merging companies were synergistically coordinated and merged.
  • Modernized the company’s Cardiac Care product line by converting it to the Windows platform and using standardized Windows GUI techniques. Re-engineering the code using real-time, multi-threading and process-priority control techniques further enhanced the efficiency of the Cardiac analysis and Cardiology displays and reports.
  • Resolved a long-standing client issue by creating and implementing a method to seamlessly share one computer mouse and keyboard among Multiple Computers (Patent Pending).
  • Enhanced the Nursing Staff’s efficiency and accuracy by introducing “Wireless Communication” to the company’s Cardiograph product line using BlueTooth technology.
  • Bolstered the client’s satisfaction with the product by providing detailed reports and custom charts utilizing “Crystal Reports” and custom C++ Report Generators.
  • COM, DCOM, Sockets, RPC and Network Communications techniques were employed.


B.S.E.E. and M.S.E.E.            California State University, Northridge.

Patent Pending

“Apparatus and Method for Sharing a Computer Mouse among Multiple Computers”.

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