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Communication Systems | Soft-Wind Systems of Boise, Idaho | Boise Software Development | Engineer, Consultant and Computer Programmer

Communications Experience

moneyI have implemented many Communications based software applications over the years. Some of them were Embedded
systems, some ran under various Windows Operating Systems.
Some of them required the implementation of device drivers.

Some of the applications required custom Protocols while other implementations utilized industry standard protocols, such as the 1553B protocol. Some of the systems used Error Detection and Correction techniques to provide flawless communication.

Some of the Systems were hard-wired some were wireless and some involved Satellite Communications.


Communication Systems Include:

  • Wireless Communications
  • Communication Protocols
  • RS232 and RS422
  • Error Detection and Correction
  • Sockets, COM/DCOM
  • Bluetooth
  • USB
  • Local Area Networks
  • Satellite Communication Protocols
  • Data Transport Multiplexor (DTMX)

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